SMARTTYS DOCUMENTS – From where did we find the money to pay Smarttys?

SMARTTYS DOCUMENTS – From where did we find the money to pay Smarttys?

We at OccupyGhana believe that governance is often about priorities, especially when the country is not too rich. Leaders have to know how and what to prioritize for the benefit of our people.

Clearly, the decision to spend money on branding buses had not been budgeted for. But somehow, it had climbed up the list of our priorities. Government had to find the money from somewhere else to fund this new priority. That “somewhere else” had to be some organisation and some program that had been budgeted for, but which were no longer considered that important in the new scheme of things.

So which organisation and which program were to suffer and lose money to pay Smarttys for plastering the image of the President and those of his predecessors all over 116 buses?

Ladies and Gentlemen, the organisation selected for the squeeze was the Ghana Railway Development Authority, and the less important, specific program from which the monies were taken, was your Railway Infrastructure Development program. (See the highlighted portion of the picture.)

The next time you see a Smarttys branded bus, there goes your Railway infrastructure Development money…



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